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TET. Swimwear


THE STORY of TET. Swimwear

TET. Swimwear's primary focus is to build a brand that effectively tackles debris reduction, particularly the plastic that litters the sea.

All of our swimwear is crafted from Repreve – an innovative, high-quality performance fabric that's made from plastic waste.

TET. Swimwear is an eco-friendly recycled swimwear, ideal for those who crave a comfortable swimsuit and want to feel good while wearing it. The main goal of TET. Swimwear is to offer a feminine product which is created to last. We have a mission to inspire all women around the world to become conscious of the swimsuit they will be wearing. Our entire collection is made from fabrics that are derived from Econyl and repreve fabrics.

At TET. Swimwear, we are all dedicated to maintaining the sustainability of the oceans by the use of econyl swimwear. Also, most of the swimsuits from TET. Swimwear are reversible and can be interchanged. In this way, you can wear a single swimsuit as a new one on two different days!

Every single piece of TET. Swimwear is as ethical and sustainable as possible. Now you can buy swimsuits online @LDHMODA

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12 artikel(en)

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